Most businesses have a sales plan which they use to establish their sales objectives and to formulate strategies which will be required in order to achieve those objectives. The major components which should be included in your company sales plan are described below.

Mission Statement

Along with a restatement of your company’s current vision, this section would also include sales objectives which will help you achieve desired growth. This will act as the foundation of your entire sales plan, which makes it arguably the most important single component of the whole document.

Customer Focus

The key characteristics of your ideal customer will all be described in this section. Included in this part of your sales plan should be a profile of the ideal customer, a list of their anticipated purchasing patterns, and a clear outline of where you expect your sales territory to be.

Strategies and Tactics

In this section, you will define both your day-to-day tactics and your long-term strategies for acquiring additional business opportunities, and for growing your business with your existing customer base. These specific tasks will be used to carry out your sales plan, and to acquire new customers.

Tools and Systems

This section will be used to identify all those tools and systems which will be employed to carry out the implementation of your sales plan. It will help to ensure that your entire sales process is well managed and that all activities are carried out with a view toward best practices.

Sales Plan Metrics

You will somehow have to measure the progress of your sales plan and all those objectives which you decided on at the beginning. You need to decide on exactly which metrics are to be used in measuring success at each stage of your sales plan.

Roles and Responsibilities

Each member of your sales team should have a clearly defined role, with specific duties assigned. All team members should be identified along with their roles, and you should also develop whatever key performance indicators are appropriate to measure their personal success.

Establish a Budget

When you itemize all the expected costs of your sales plan, you’ll know whether it’s realistic or not to execute the plan. After all, you don’t want to execute a sales plan which is going to cost more than your business can earn. If necessary, trim back on tasks which are of lesser value, so you can at least retain the core part of your plan.

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