It can be difficult to have a good work-life balance as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Even professionals working for a large company don’t always feel as they can manage their time between work and home well when you consider that they work 50 hours a week or more. That doesn’t include the time spent commuting. Work-life balance means something different for each person, but you can find a healthy balance that fits your needs when you prioritize your time. Here are some tips:

Leave Work at Work

Whether you’re a small-business owner or work for someone else, have a specific time when you leave your office. If your office is your dining room table, clean it off and focus on your family, homelife and hobbies. Sure, they may be times when you have to take a call, but for the most part, stop checking email and voicemail in the evening to give your mind time to recharge. It’s really helpful to unplug from your devices. Leave your phone in the car when you’re at the gym. Turn off the phone during dinner.

Limit Time Sucks, Both Activities and People

Identify your priorities in life. Use those priorities to determine how to spend your time and what to trim from your schedule. It’s okay to say no to people and things that drain your time and energy. Focus on people who uplift you. Turn down activities that don’t let you get a good night’s sleep. Practice self-care. Diplomatically limit people who just take up time at work, like the chatterbox who wants to talk about Sunday’s game or gossip about what’s happening one floor up.

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