As anyone who has ever started a business knows, you must be prepared to deal with a huge amount of paperwork. Depending on the type of business you intend to open, you may need to apply for several different types of licenses under business law. Below are several that may apply to your situation.

Business Operating License

Business law in most states requires all new companies to apply for this type of license. It gives you the legal right to operate a business for profit in your local municipality. Before you apply for this type of license, you will need to check the regulations of your city, county, and state. Upon receipt and processing of your application for a business operating license, an official from your local government body will issue you a license to work in that city or municipality. You will need to apply through your state government as well.

Some types of businesses also require an occupational license. You can determine if business law requires this of your business by visiting the website of the Small Business Administration.

Building and Zoning Permits

The zoning department for your city or local municipality bears responsibility for determining whether a specific type of business will fit into a certain area of the city. These limitations help to enforce uniformity. A good example of how a zoning department works is that is would not allow a grocery store to build in the middle of a block of residential homes.

You will need a building permit if you purchased land to erect a business, you plan to remodel an existing building, or you have purchased and plan to install new appliances in an existing building.

Health and Safety Licenses

Business law requires local fire departments to inspect businesses serving the public, such as gyms and hotels, as well as any company dealing with flammable materials. You will need a health license for your business if it serves food or assists customers with exercise.

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